Meet our Students

Current Dazzle Africa Students




Abel Mwila

2012 – Present

Abel has been a sponsored student of Dazzle Africa beginning in 2012. He has been an outstanding student and citizen in his village of Mfuwe and now is attending the University of Lusaka, studying for a degree in Public Health Management. His dream is to find a cure for the most problematic health challenges, malaria, HIV, and tuberculosis. His motto is, Prevention is Better than Cure. Thank you to all of his sponsors: Michael Binger, Elizabeth Brooks, Sebastian & Yuri Schubl, and Praful & Sushila Desai. Abel will be a proud graduate at the end of 2018.






Edith Banda

2016 – Present

Edith is striving to be Zambia’s most dedicated public prosecutor within the Zambia Department of National Parks and Wildlife. Edith is now studying to meet the requirements of a qualified prosecutor, allowing her to carry her wildlife prosecution cases to Zambia’s highest court. Edith’s degree is a 3-year program through the National Institute of Public Information. While Edith is attending advanced law school, she is also working full time as a prosecutor for Department of National Parks and Wildlife. Her cases range from wildlife prosecution, drug enforcement, and domestic cases. Edith is motivated and has received multiple certificates of learning in tourism, law, and conservation since 2005. It would not be possible without the dedicated support of Carl Parrish, Dawn Gordon, Natalie & Tim Green, & Sara Healy. Edith will be completing her advanced law degree in the summer of 2019.





Fitzgerald Mukumbi

2016 – Present

Fitzgerald’s father is a retired Department of National parks and Wildlife officer who devoted his entire career to protecting wildlife. Fitzgerald is currently finishing his fourth-year as a veterinary student at the University of Zambia. He is committed to wildlife conservation and eager to amass more knowledge. He’s currently a volunteer during his breaks with Conservation South Luangwa, assisting and learning from Dr. Sichande. Fitzgerald is also further involved in Zambian Carnivore Programme community education programs, teaching surrounding communities the need to conserve wildlife, particularly carnivores and the devastating effect of snares on wildlife. Thank you to our generous friend and safari guest, Zur Attias and his company The Attias Group, for sponsoring Fitzgerald Mukumbi to protect our wildlife for future generations.




Likando Maimbolwa

2016- Present

Likando attends Lusaka Apex Medical University and is working towards a four-year degree in nursing. She is from a family of three children, the eldest being her disabled sister. Her father is employed by the Department of National Parks & Wildlife, but he is unable to send her to college as it is beyond his means. Likando is a kind, intelligent and ambitious young woman. She also believes that nursing will better equip her to tend to her sister, who needs constant care and will one day become her responsibility. Thank you to our generous friend and safari guest, Zur Attias and his company The Attias GroupBrenda Rusnak, Amie Leadingham & Friends, for sponsoring Likando Maimbolwa in fulfilling her dream of becoming a nurse.









Mercy Njobvu

2017 – Present

At a young age, Mercy has demonstrated an exceptional interest, talent, and motivation for pursuing a career as a wildlife veterinarian. She has acquired substantial practical experience in the field in South Luangwa Valley, assisting in an array of work on large carnivores, herbivores, and domestic animals. Mercy is in her first year of a seven year veterinary medicine program at the University of Zambia. Mercy was the very first trainee in the  Women in Wildlife Conservation training program with the Zambian Carnivore Programme’s Thandiwe Mweetwa, recently named a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. The goal of the program is to increase the representation of Zambian women in the wildlife sector by providing training opportunities to motivated young women. In addition, to field research experience, she is learning more about science communication through the work with conservation clubs and outreach events. Thank you to our generous sponsor Lacey Miller.


Nelly Nkhoma

2013 – Present

Nelly is a firecracker of a young woman. She’s smart – She graduated November 2015 with a teaching degree to teach physics to High School students. She’s fast – She discovered while attending college, that she can run. After joining her school’s track team, Nelly went on to compete winning gold medals! And…she has vision. She is at the tail end of completing her Masters Degree and making an even bigger difference in her community. Nelly Nkhoma was sponsored by Jennifer Buchholz, a former Dazzle Africa Board of Director and Carl Parrish a great friend of Dazzle and two-time safari guest.





Thomas Mwanza

2018- Present

Thomas Mwanza is a seventh year medical student at Cavendish University in Lusaka, Zambia. Thomas funded his own education for his first six years of medical school through local part-time work, but struggled to fund his seventh year because of his focus on his hospital practicum. We are thankful and grateful that Jodi & Guy Wells stepped in to support Thomas’s final year of medical school. Soon Thomas will be gracing his local community with quality healthcare. “I deeply promise to be a good doctor to both my community and everyone else, regardless of color, race, or ethnicity.” -Thomas Mwanza








Ruth Chitindi


Ruth Chitindi has been working with Conservation South Luangwa since 2013 in the Human Wildlife Mitigation Unit. Ruth began studying for a certificate at the Community Development Staff Training College in 2017. She works full-time and cares for her son, niece, and nephew, which made it challenging to pay for her final semester of college. That’s where GRACE Africa Safari comes in. Thank you to GRACE/ Boldly Embody Life Inc. for partnering with Ruth and funding her final semester of college. Ruth’s certificate will support her to increase her skills in human and wildlife conflicts and learn how to better build elephant safe granaries to keep community homes safe from elephant damage.





Jesscline Mwembela

2013- Present

Jesscline is an exemplary student. When we first met Jesscline in 2013, she was extremely quiet and we had to be diligent to make eye contact during our conversation. Soon after Leota Tucker began sponsoring her, we found out this shy little girl was a force to be reckoned with! She could stand her ground and she began using her voice. Jesseline has been the #1 student in her class in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, as Leota’s other sponsored students grew with additional needs, Ana Vegega, a 2015 safari guest, helped by taking on the sponsorship of Jesscline. Thank you Ana! Jesscline is now in the 9th grade at Mambwe Boarding School, one of the best schools in the Eastern Province. Partnerships are much appreciated! We believe that when you educate a girl, you educate a village and Jesseline is leading the way.










Festus Phiri

2013 – Present

Thanks to the Tucker family, Festus has been a Dazzle Africa sponsored student since 2013. He is bright, ambitious and has just been accepted into Mambwe Boarding School a prestigious school in the Eastern Province of Zambia. His smile is contagious and he is a force of good in his community. We look forward to watching Festus grow into a successful and mindful young man.












Maureen Mwanza

2013 – Present

Maureen has a heart as big as her smile. She is playing soccer for her school team and becoming more confident every year. She attends Mfuwe Day Secondary school in Mfuwe, Zambia. Maureen’s parents are subsistence farmers of maize and vegetables. Thank you to Bill M. for sponsoring Maureen’s education since 2013. She’s growing up beautifully and could not have done it without you!













Maston Banda

Simon & Maston Banda

2014 – Present

Simon and his brother Maston take care of each other. Being orphans from a young age has left them vulnerable and they depend on Dazzle Africa’s caring sponsors to support them both educationally and for food and healthcare. Simon is a caring, creative and intelligent young boy. He attends Mfuwe Day Secondary School, is focused on his studies, and we recently discovered his love for culinary! Thank you to Leota, Mustapha, and Farouk Tucker for sponsoring Simon’s education beginning in 2014 and thank you to Joe Stallings for making sure that Simon and Maston are nourished and healthy.

Maston attends the Eden Institute in Lusaka, Zambia. He is achieving his Bachelor of Science in clinical medicine. Maston is serious about his studies and making a difference in his community. This program is a 5-year program and he will be well on his way to becoming a doctor. Thank you to the Smith and Osterman families for providing Maston with medical equipment requirements to begin this program, and thank you to donors Gretchen Prins, Amanda Morrison, the Holmes family, and Allan From for sponsoring his college education.


Past Dazzle Africa Students


Margaret Phiri

Margaret, a lovely young woman from Mambwe, Zambia is studying clinical medicine with the dream of becoming a doctor. She is in the midst of her third year of college and attends City University College of Science and Technology in Lusaka, Zambia. We have no doubt that she will reach all of her goals and make a significant difference for others. Thank you to Zur Attias and his company The Attias Group, for sponsoring her final year of this program.







Kelvin Phiri

Kelvin was our youngest sponsored student and one of our most vulnerable. He attends Chiwawatala elementary school in Mfuwe, Zambia, loves to draw, practice his English and play music! Kelvin is a curious learner of life and we’re grateful for the Tucker family, who has sponsored Kelvin since 2013.









Mary Kalinda

Mary attends Lundazi boarding school, which is a 4-hour commute from Mfuwe, Zambia. She plays basketball at school, is a member of the Red Cross and is learning how to help people in the midst of emergencies. When she graduates High School, she would like to attend medical school and continue the thread of helping others. Mary is a kind, intelligent and forthcoming young woman in her community. She is extremely grateful to Bill M., her sponsor beginning 2013, “Thank you for your love, support, care and concern for my academics. Without you, I would not be at the level I am today. You are the person I will not forget in all the days of my life.”









Joy Banda

2016 – 2017

Joy is the daughter of Gibson Banda, long-time Zambian Carnivore Programme scout. Gibson is employed by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife and has worked as a full-time member of the Zambian Carnivore Program since 2009. Joy graduated from Copperstone University in 2017 and acquired a Bachelors of Occupational Safety and Health. Joy was a very hard working student and was extremely dedicated to her studies. She has expressed how grateful she is for all the support that has been given to her. Thank you to our generous friend and safari guest, Zur Attias and his company The Attias Group, for sponsoring Joy Banda in fulfilling her dream of becoming a nurse.



miriam Kaira

Kennedy Kaira

Kennedy was our first Dazzle Africa sponsored student.  His mother represents our namesake, the Miriam Kaira Scholarship Program. Miriam worked at the Mufwe Lodge and passed away from complications of HIV in 2012. She was a bright light in the Mfuwe community and Kennedy Kaira, one of her teenage twins, was our first scholarship recipient in 2012.






Aaron Mbewe

Aaron, a 10th grader at Mfuwe Secondary School, is the son of a Conservation South Luangwa senior scout, Mathew Mbewe. He is sponsored by Mike Paredes and Nancy Law, who believe deeply in his education and supporting the efforts of his father to protect threatened African wildlife.













Emma Kanyembo

Emma is studying to be a teacher and will soon have completed her teaching practicum! A star student and daughter of Conservation South Luangwa’s Operation Manager, Benson Kaneyembo. Emma is sponsored by a very generous friend of Dazzle Africa, Lacey Miller. We’re thrilled to be able to assist the Kanyembo family.










Anderson Chulu 

Anderson graduated November 2015 from Chipata Trades School with a degree in Mechanics. He’s an incredible asset to his community and a proud graduate to his family. We’re grateful for the work his father performs for wildlife and his community. Anderson’s sponsor was Jeanne Frost, a great friend of Dazzle Africa and 2014 safari guest.









Philimon Sakala

Philimon was our first college graduate. Philimon graduated with a nursing degree in 2014 and then a degree in midwifery in 2015. Philimon worked at the Mufwe Lodge in 2011, and we easily fell in love with his sweet spirit and his drive to make a difference in the world of nursing. He was motivated by a tragic accident when he was just a little boy. His mother was attacked by a crocodile while gathering water at the river and her legs were so badly injured that no one thought she would recover. Philimon saw the care given his mother by her nurses and ever since dreamt of becoming a nurse himself. Male midwives are not common in Zambia, so to our surprise, he discovered his passion was tending to expectant mothers and their babies. Our baby is now delivering babies and sharing his gifts with the world!












Elias Banda

Elias is studious and dedicated to his teaching profession. He graduated in November 2015 with a secondary teaching degree to teach mathematics. His hobby is chess and there’s no accident that he’s interested in numbers, just like his sponsor…Michael Binger.

Elias Banda has been sponsored since 2012 by Michael, a great friend of Dazzle Africa and 4-time safari guest!














Jackson Masaninga

Jackson’s father passed away in 2001 and his mother in 2007. In a very similar situation as many of our students, Jackson was then raised by his grandmother, along with his siblings. Jackson attended Chipata Trade School from 2012 to 2014, achieving a degree in Mechanics!









Beeyan Ngoma

Beeyan has been a self-starter from day one. When we first met him, he had multiple side jobs, had graduated High School, passed his exams and was carrying a self-development book on achievement under his arm. He was extremely confident that WHEN he could find a sponsor to attend trade-school, he would prove to be successful. He was correct! Bill, a friend, and guest on our 2013 safari, sponsored Beeyan to attend mechanics school and Beeyan just graduated in December 2015. Stay tuned for what Beeyan does next…Thank you to Bill M. for his dedication to Beeyan’s education.




Violet Ngoma

Violet Ngoma began as a sponsored student of Dazzle Africa in 2012. Orphaned at a young age, she grew up under her grandmother’s care in the village of Mfuwe, Zambia.  Violet is a persistent young woman, intelligent, creative and has a huge heart for children. Her future goal is becoming a teacher and we’re confident that when that happens, her students will succeed under her tutelage.

Not in photos: 2013 sponsored student, Edson Kayeza, who has moved out of the Mfuwe area. We wish him the best!