Our Conservation Projects


Wildlife Veterinarian

Dr. Mwamba Sichande came to Conservation South Luangwa and Zambian Carnivore Programme in 2013. Over the years, through his hard work, passion, and dedication, he has evolved into one of the few experienced wildlife veterinarians in Zambia and now serves as a role model for other organizations.

Dr. Sichande has saved 150 snared elephants!







Clean Water Project

Three hundred and forty-five million people in Africa are without access to clean water. Dazzle Africa is proud to partner with The Bushcamp Company to provide clean water to families in Zambia. Please join us in making a difference.

Everyone deserves clean water!







Make-a-180 for Wildlife

The Make-a-180 for Wildlife project provides funding for the Cessna 180 aircraft which is shared between our two conservation partners, Conservation South Luangwa and Zambian Carnivore Programme. This Cessna 180 is the only aircraft in the South Luangwa Valley of Zambia used for anti-poaching and large carnivore research and is critical to conservation efforts.







Anti-Poaching Efforts

Conservation donations contribute to multiple anti-poaching efforts including, uniforms, rations on long distance patrols, base camp improvements, GPS units, and more. It is definitely a team effort to stop poaching in its tracks.










Scout Employee Benefit Program

A scout patrols job is physically exhaustive and dangerous work. And yet, 65 full-time wildlife scouts in Mfuwe, Zambia take on these honorable positions to protect African wildlife. We offer student sponsorships to Conservation South Luangwa, Zambian Carnivore Program and Dept. of Parks and Wildlife employees whose children are achieving degrees in higher education.