Hands Over Zambia

Hands Over Zambia

An Entrepreneurial Arts Class and Market


Pictured: Masauso Phiri, Lisely Kalonga, Ami Desai, Undani Kanyanza, Kawchela Nzali, Abraham Chocho

It starts with a dream and a plan… 

What is Hands Over Zambia?

Hands Over Zambia provides skills-based training to Mfuwe Secondary School teachers who use the information to run a self-sustaining, student-run Entrepreneurial Arts Class and Market. Market proceeds help expand the market and the school’s meal program

Trainings are conducted on an annual basis by an educational business advisor familiar with and knowledgeable about the local Zambian region and culture. Hands Over Zambia started providing business and art design skills training to Mfuwe teachers in May, 2016. The training curriculum emphasized business plan development, identifying and creating profitable art products, and marketing techniques geared toward local tourists visiting the Market at Mfuwe Day Secondary School.

Teachers have translated this curriculum to more than 400 students providing them entrepreneurial leadership and skills. The original outcome was the development of an ongoing Entrepreneurial Arts Class and Market featuring handmade artwork with locally-sourced (90%) product materials and we are happy to say that as of 2018, this goal has been met. In 2018, a brick and mortar market was built so goods can now be sold on a daily basis.

Students contribute to the Market by conceptualizing and implementing the business plan, executing various marketing efforts, participating in community outreach and partnership development tasks, and creating artwork

Far-Reaching Benefits

Entrepreneurial education provides both economic and social prospects to combat systemic poverty; it boosts self-esteem, increases innovative thinking, and improves academic performance by providing experiential education opportunities. The skills that staff and students acquire in this program can be used for years and generations.

In addition, this serves as the beginning of a sustainable tourism program, incorporating small business training, economic development through the sales of local crafts and appreciation for the local wildlife that propel tourists to visit the valley.

Entrepreneurship is rooted in innovative thinking and design. Teaching students to think and be entrepreneurial through the ongoing development of this market will provide students’ employment preference post-graduation.