Anti-Poaching Operations

SLCS Scout Snare Wire Photo

There are multiple places we could put our money to protect wildlife, but if we don’t have scouts on the ground to patrol the bush for poachers, remove illegal snare wires waiting to entrap wildlife and gather intelligence to thwart future poaching operations, then stopping poachers from harming wildlife is virtually impossible.

We wish we could make scout uniforms, meal rations and aerial surveillance sexier, but quite frankly it’s not.

Scouts walking in river

It’s tiring, dirty, physically exhaustive and dangerous work. And yet,  65 full-time wildlife scouts in Mfuwe, Zambia take on these honorable positions to protect African wildlife.

Scouts new trainees 2015

The wildlife scouts we assist work for the renowned Conservation South Luangwa, our conservation partner on the ground in the South Luangwa Valley of Zambia.

SLCS plane

By donating to our conservation fund, you help cover the costs of additional scouts, scout equipment, uniforms, meal rations and critical aerial surveillance, all of which are needed to protect wildlife.