The Dazzle Africa Mission

Dazzle Africa creates sustainable ecosystems for the land, people and wildlife in Zambia and through safaris and local investment aims to ensure that future generations are self-sufficient, and iconic wildlife thrive. Since 2012, Dazzle Africa has been partnering with effective local conservation and educational organizations in Zambia to increase populations of wildlife, improve the protection of vulnerable species, provide postsecondary educational scholarships, entrepreneurial training and advance access to clean drinking water. 


Join us on a Safari

If you would like to participate in a unique, luxurious, philanthropic safari, join us in the wilds of Zambia. Dazzle Africa safaris fund these vital wildlife, education, and community development projects and in addition to the magnificent wildlife viewing, relaxation and personal adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the organization’s projects and meet their inspiring partners who make all of these positive changes possible.


Our Work in Zambia

Zambia is the ‘Crossroads for Connectivity’, borders 8 countries, connecting Eastern and Southern African populations, shares 4 transfrontier conservation areas, and has over 30% of its land managed for wildlife uses (Zambian Carnivore Programme). 


Conservation Efforts

But even with this naturally rich environment, to prevent further decline of African wildlife, it will take a collaborative approach and conservation is key. The population of several iconic species, such as elephants, lions, and giraffes is continuing to struggle from poaching, habitat loss and other factors and it is crucial that we take rapid action to conserve these species. Dazzle Africa partners with Conservation South Luangwa and Zambian Carnivore Programme to protect key species and many more through anti-poaching efforts, education, research, and monitoring.  



In addition to work in conservation, Dazzle Africa believes that education is power and facilitates sponsorships of students who would have no other means to attend university and break the cycle of poverty in their family and community. Dazzle Africa supports deserving students who have the academic ability and mindset but lack the economic means to attend higher education. Sponsorships have an emphasis on university education so young students are empowered to create a sustainable future.

Hands Over Zambia was launched for local teachers and students to become self-sufficient and provide relevant skills-based training. Mfuwe Secondary School teachers use this training to run a student Entrepreneurial Arts Class and Market. The products featured at this market are handmade artwork with locally sourced materials. These products are sold and marketed to tourists who visit Mfuwe Secondary School.


Clean Water

Providing boreholes is another sustainable and critical project in rural Zambia. Thousands of families continue to drink contaminated water from local rivers because they do not have access to clean water. In partnership with the Bushcamp Company and generous donors, Dazzle Africa is providing boreholes to rural villages in Mfuwe, Zambia. Each borehole provides clean drinking water to over 250 families a day for over 25 years at a cost of $7,000 per borehole. This investment to provide clean water for a village of 250 families, costs a donor 76 cents a day. 


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