Wings for Wildlife (Conservation) Safari

Dazzle Africa has partnered with Mike Paredes and Nancy Law to host the Wings for Wildlife Safari! This 8-night safari will benefit the Wings for Wildlife project, which provides operational funding for this Cessna 180 aircraft which is shared between our two conservation partners, Conservation South Luangwa and Zambian Carnivore Programme.

November 1st-9th, 2018

* Price includes:

  • $1,000.00 fundraising or donation (please read more about this below under “fundraising/donation prerequisite”)
  • Roundtrip flight between Lusaka and Mfuwe
  • Gratuity/meals/excursions/lodging

* Price does NOT include international airfare, alcohol or spa.


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Thank you for considering Dazzle Africa for your safari adventure! We are dedicated to providing you with enriching experiences and authentic cultural discoveries that make every day of your journey special and unique. By choosing to travel with Dazzle Africa, you'll also be contributing to our wildlife conservation, education and community development projects in Mfuwe, Zambia!

*there will be some nice surprises thrown in!*

Day 1
Thursday, November 1st
What you'll be doing: Arrival, Greeting, Safety Briefing

After your international flight lands, meet your fellow travelers at the small Lusaka airport . There is a cool little cafe where you should order their amazing iced coffee! Board your Proflight airline flight for a short one‐hour plane ride to Mfuwe, which is the town adjacent to the world‐famous South Luangwa National Park, the giant, wild wilderness where you will be for the next 9 days.

We will be greeted at the Mfuwe Airport by your safari guides and driven in Land Rovers to the Lodge

  • 6pm Arrival at Mfuwe Lodge. Settle into your beautiful chalet, listening to the sounds of the African bush for the first time
  • 730 pm Dinner‐ gourmet food, people!
  • After dinner: Presentation by your Dazzle Africa hosts, Mike and Nancy, where we’ll go over the itinerary for the week and answer any questions.

Day 2
Mfuwe Lodge
Friday, November 2nd
What you'll be doing: First Game Drives!

  • 5:45 am: Rise and shine to your first morning in Africa and smooth out any jet lag with a FULL BREAKFAST
  • 6 am ‐10:30: MORNING GAME DRIVE­ Board your Land Rover for your first game drive into the Zambian bush. Wildlife activity is highest in early morning, so you will not regret waking up so early! There is a stop halfway thru the drive for a tea/coffee break.
  • 11am‐ Brunch at the Lodge‐ sooooooooo good. Then leisure time ‐ go for a dip in the pool that overlooks the riverbed, have a massage at the spa, read, relax‐ up to you!
  • 3:30pm ‐ Tea/coffee/snack time‐ enjoy a savory snack or a luscious slice of cake laid out in the Lodge living room, and prep your cameras for the wildlife waiting for you right outside
  • 4pm‐7pm ‐ EVENING GAME DRIVE‐ starting off quite warm, you’ll notice the air get noticeably cooler and will see different animals than you saw in the morning. Enjoy your first SUNDOWNER/HAPPY HOUR, where your guides will play bartender in the bush while you watch the sun go down. (You will have these every evening!) Listen for hyenas! Finish off in the dark, as your guide uses a spotlight to look for leopard and honey badgers...
  • 7:30pm ‐ Have a drink at the beautiful open air bar at the Lodge followed by DINNER , then...deep, happy sleep.

Day 3
Mfuwe Lodge
Saturday, November 3rd
What you'll be doing: CSL / Plane Talk / Dog Demo Mulberry Mongoose

  • From 5:45am‐ BREAKFAST at your leisure
  • 8:30am ‐ Depart for Conservation South Luangwa ( our main conservation partner in Zambia, for a FANTASTIC tour of their facilities and operation. See what fellow humans are doing to protect iconic African wildlife. Hear about the airplane you have helped raise money for, meet the anti­poaching dog team, learn about the wildlife vet that Dazzle Africa helps fund!
  • 11am‐1215pm BRUNCH at the Lodge
  • 1215pm ‐ leave for visit to Mulberry Mongoose (, a unique shop selling hand‐crafted jewelry made with wire snares* by local women. You’ll learn how the sale of this jewelry benefits the local community and wildlife. There will be 2 vehicles going, so some guests have the option of staying there a little longer‐‐looking at you, early Christmas shoppers! *wire snares ‐wires that are illegally set in the bush to capture wildlife. Volunteers collect this snare wire and Mulberry Mongoose staff turn it into beautiful jewelry.
  • 3:30pm ‐ Tea/coffee/snack time
  • 4pm‐7‐ Evening game drive
  • 7:30pm‐Bar time and Dinner

Day 4
Mfuwe Lodge
Sunday, November 4th
What you'll be doing: Wildlife Rehab Center, Game Drive, Conservation South Luangwa/Zambian Carnivore Programme Presentation

  • From 5:45am‐ Leisurely Breakfast
  • 8am‐1030am Field trip to Chipembele, a fascinating wildlife education and rehab center run by equally fascinating people.
  • 11am Lunch/Leisure time at the Lodge‐Enjoy the wildlife that is all around you at the Lodge, write in a journal, swim in the pool, meditate, get a massage. Enjoy every minute in this African paradise and by now, you’ll know how you are directly contributing to its preservation.
  • 3:30pm‐ Tea time/coffee/snack time
  • 4pm‐7pm ‐ Evening Game Drive
  • 7pm‐ Do not miss a presentation by Conservation South Luangwa (CSL) and Zambian Carnivore Programme which dives deeper into conservation. Really inspiring.
  • 8pm ‐ Dinner

Day 5
Mfuwe Lodge
Monday, November 5th
What you'll be doing: Game Drives, School and Water Wells visit

  • 5:45am ‐ Breakfast
  • 6am‐9am ‐ Morning Game Drive­ Elephants! Giraffe! Lions! Lilac breasted rollers! You’ll see some of these, or maybe all.
  • 9am‐ School Visit / Water wells‐ meet some local youngsters at their school, learn about the water wells Dazzle Africa is helping to build. Everyone in the world deserves clean water, right??
  • 11am‐ Brunch at the Lodge
  • 3:30pm‐ Tea/coffee/snack time
  • 4pm‐6:45pm ‐ Evening Game Drive
  • 8pm ‐ Dinner

Day 6
Tuesday, November 6th
What you'll be doing: Transfer to the remote, even more wild Bushcamps, a more intimate experience with nature. The group will split into 3 groups to stay at 3 different, but equally stunning camps. See By design, the trip will slow down in pace here, but there is still plenty of wildlife to see, photos to take and memories to make

  • From 5:45am ‐ Breakfast at Mfuwe Lodge
  • 6am ‐ Morning game drive or transfer to Bushcamps (with game drive on the way)‐To be determined
  • Lunch
  • 3:30pm ‐ Tea/coffee/snack time at your new home in the remote bush
  • 4pm‐7:30‐ Evening game drive/sundowners ‐ see a different area of the huge South Luangwa National Park, with different birds and wildlife.
  • 8pm ‐ Dinner, stargazing, ­relaxing

Day 7
Wednesday, November 7th

  • 5:45 ‐ Breakfast
  • 6:00am ‐ Morning game drive
  • 11am ‐ Brunch
  • 12pm ‐ Leisure time
  • 3:30pm ‐ Tea/coffee/snack time
  • 4:00pm ‐ Evening game drive/sundowners
  • 8:00pm ‐ Dinner

Day 8
Thursday, November 8th

  • 5:45 ‐ Breakfast
  • 6am ‐ Morning game drive
  • 11am ‐ Brunch
  • 3:30pm ‐ Tea/coffee/snack time
  • 4pm ‐ Evening game drive + surprise
  • 8pm ‐ Dinner

Day 9
Depart Bushcamps
Friday, November 9th

  • 5:45 ‐ Breakfast
  • 6:30am Morning Game drive
  • 11am ‐ Brunch then Relaxation
  • 3:30pm ‐ Optional trip to Tribal Textiles to shopping and exploration on the way to the airport.
  • 4pm ‐ Depart for the airport...homeward bound or off to another exotic destination!

*For day 9, some may be leaving on the earlier flight out of Mfuwe and the last day’s itinerary would look a little different. To be revised after final international flights purchased.
*Photography workshop/help will be ongoing thru the journey

For more information or to sign up for this safari, please contact or call 702-332-1501.


Payment Schedule and Inclusions/Exclusions
Description Price
Safari Package Cost $5,990.00
Required Fundraising Minimum $1,000.00
Broken down like this:
Initial Deposit (non-refundable) $500.00
2nd Payment due February 28th, 2018 $1,272.50
3rd Payment due March 30th, 2018 $1,272.50
4th Payment due May 30th, 2018 $1,272.50
4th Payment due June 30th, 2018 $1,272.50
Fundraising Minimum due August 30th, 2018 $1,000.00

All monies except the non‐refundable deposit are refundable until March 30th, 2018. 50% of the safari cost less deposit is refundable until June 30th, 2018. After September 1st, 2018, no monies are refundable.

*Donations are not refundable.

As noted above, prices quoted here include gratuity/meals/excursions/lodging and do NOT include alcohol or spa.


Zambia Domestic Airfare:
As noted above, the price of your Proflight Zambia roundtrip airline ticket between Lusaka (LUN) and Mfuwe (MFU) is included in this packaged price. The flight departs Lusaka at 4pm on 11/1/18.

International Airfare:

    • You will be purchasing your own international airline ticket. You can arrange your flights to accommodate extended travel, use of airline miles, etc.
    • *IMPORTANT*: You will depart Lusaka Airport for the flight to Mfuwe at 4pm on November 1st, so please make sure to arrive by 2:45pm at Lusaka, Zambia airport on Thursday, November 1st, 2018.
    • You will arrive back at the Lusaka Airport for your journey home (or elsewhere) at either 1:50pm OR 6:50pm on November 9th, so plan your international flight back to depart no earlier than 3:55pm on Friday, November 9th, 2018. (There is also a later flight that arrives Lusaka at 6:50 pm for those of you who are leaving on night flights out of Lusaka on Nov 9th)
    • *Before purchasing international tickets, email Mike, Nancy or Stacy your proposed itinerary so we can verify it is correct*

Suggested Group Flights: We will send suggested flight options to you via email, and will connect guests that are on the same flight with each other prior to departure from US.

Fundraising/Donation Prerequisite

The cost of the safari to you, as described above, is $5,590.00. In addition, there is a minimum fundraising/donation requirement of $1,000.00.

You can either contribute the donation yourself or we encourage our guests to share Dazzle Africa projects with others in your community and inspire them to donate with you!

We will provide more information on our specific projects and also tools to assist with your fundraising, and hope you will enjoy the experience! Dazzle Africa’s mission is to help the children and wildlife of Mfuwe, Zambia. We are not a travel company (though admittedly, we plan great safaris and have been taking guests to the South Luangwa since 2012); we are a philanthropic non‐profit. Safari tourism is absolutely vital to the people and wildlife of the area where you will be going, and we are excited to have you contribute to our mission.

Joining/Logistics Information

IMPORTANT: Please contact Mike Paredes or Nancy Law from Dazzle Africa immediately to review any discrepancies, especially regarding your arrival/departure dates and times. Be sure to have your joining instructions with you while traveling.

Departure from Lusaka Airport to Mfuwe, Zambia
Your connecting flight to Mfuwe is approximately one hour. Please print and have your Lusaka/Mfuwe E­ticket with you for this Proflight Zambia flight. This will be emailed to you by October 15th, 2018.

Emergency/Late Arrival Contact Information
If your flight is delayed for any reason, please notify Mike Paredes or Nancy Law by text or call if you do not text. Mike Paredes 410-­991-­7172 or Nancy Law 443-­994-­2740.

Cancellation Clause

Minimum guests are required for this trip. In the unlikely event this minimum cannot be met, all safari monies would be refunded by April 1st, 2018 (prior to your airline ticket purchase).

For more information or to sign up for this safari, please contact or call 702-332-1501.


Release of Liability

Please click here for Dazzle Africa's release of liability, indemnity, and agreement.

ALL travelers must fill this form out completely and send back to

Please take the time to read through the document.  Typed signatures will satisfy the signature requirement as long as they are done honestly.

For best results, please open the form then immediately go to "File-Save As" and save it to a location on your computer you can remember.

Open the form from that location and fill it out. Once complete, go to "File-Save" to save your work.

Then, open up your email program, compose a message to, upload the saved form with your information to the message, then press "send."

Required Travel Documents

All travelers need a valid passport with at least 4 empty pages and a visa to enter Zambia.

U.S. Citizens must have a valid passport that does not expire for at least 6 months after travel.

Travel Visa
A visa is required for entry to Zambia. Directions to acquire your travel e‐visa will be emailed to you 90 days in advance of your travels.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is required to participate on a Dazzle Africa Safari. Dazzle Africa is an affiliated member of an insurance broker, which proposes multiple travel insurance plans and allows you to pick the plan that best suits your needs. You do not pay more by going through Dazzle Africa.

You must purchase your insurance plan prior to your final payment if you are opting for a trip cancellation policy. Once your travel insurance plan has been purchased please email it to and print all necessary documents and bring them with you during your travels.

To purchase your insurance, please go to:

Minimum Travel Insurance Required:
Emergency Medical Evacuation: $500,000
Emergency Medical: $500,000
Primary Medical : $250,000

Depending on what coverage you choose in your insurance plan, the price will range from $50.00 dollars to $300.00 plus. If you select cancellation insurance your costs will be commensurate with the amount of your trip. Please ask for more direction if needed.


Travel doctors recommend a minimum of Tdap, Typhoid and Malaria pills. Please do your own research and make the best health decision for you by going to Travel vaccine centers in your cities will also recommend what they think best for the areas you will be travelling. These recommendations are only for Zambia, if you are adding other countries to your visit, please make sure to look at the specific recommendations and requirements to enter and be safe in other areas of Africa.

You will be visiting an area of Zambia with malaria. You will need to discuss with your doctor the best preventive medicine for you. Ways to prevent malaria include: Taking a prescription antimalarial drug, using insect repellent and using bed nets. All of the following antimalarial drugs are options for preventing malaria in Zambia: Atovaquone‐proguanil, Doxycycline, or Mefloquine. For information that can help you and your doctor decide which of these drugs would be best for you, please see:

Luggage/Packing List

We highly recommend only carrying on your luggage and not checking your bags. If for some reason you choose to check your luggage and do not receive it on time in Lusaka at the beginning of your trip, you may not receive it for the entire vacation and be without any of your items for the duration of your Safari.

South African Airlines Economy Class customers are permitted one piece of carry on luggage not exceeding 8kg (18lbs), that may not exceed 56cm (L) 36cm (W) 23cm (H)

Emirates Airlines Economy Class customers are permitted one piece of carry on luggage not exceeding 7kg (15lbs) with maximum dimensions of 22 x 15 x 8 inches (55 x 38 x 20 cm).

*A packing list will be emailed.

Please note that we will be traveling when the temperatures in Mfuwe, Zambia will average in the low 90’s, and dry (low humidity) so please pack according to these temperatures. Also, we will have multiple phone calls to help anyone with packing questions prior to the trip, so if you are unsure about what to pack, please ask.

Hotel Information for Family and Friends

Phone numbers as shown should be preceded by the international dialing code, which from the United States is (011), international it is « 00 ». When phoning, friends should ask for you by name and explain that you are traveling with Dazzle Africa. Zambia is nine hours ahead of the Pacific Time zone in the U.S.

Most Cell phone companies have service in this area. Please contact your cell phone provider, add an International Calling plan to your service and receive information on how to use this plan.

Mfuwe Lodge & Bushcamps

Arrive: 6pm Nov 1st
Departure: 4pm Nov 9th

Cell Phone: +260 (0)978770055
Mfuwe Lodge: +260 (0)216246041
Emergency Phone: +260 (0)978770055
Postal Address: The Bushcamp Company C/O Mfuwe Lodge PO Box 91 Mfuwe, Zambia

*All times are local times in Zambia

Reading List

*A reading list will be emailed.

Printable Information Document

We've made all of the information on this page available by PDF (for easy printing) here:

For more information or to sign up for this safari, please contact or call 702-332-1501.