Safari + Philanthropy = Dazzle Africa

Photo Credit Angelina Galindo

Why Dazzle Africa Safaris? 

Our safaris are meticulously planned to meet the desires of our travelers.  Days and nights are filled with wildlife encounters and guests have multiple opportunities to attend cultural excursions and meet our local partners. Of course, everyone differs in the number of activities to attend and we give ample flexibility to allow you to engage as you see fit. The profits earned from our safaris are applied directly to our conservation, education and clean water projects. Given that 30% of our guests have returned for an additional safari, speaks directly to our success!


Testimonials from fulfilled guests…

“My two-week journey to Zambia brought with it the deepest peace that I have ever felt. I finally slowed down, unplugged and got quiet and as a result found some real insight about what I want to bring to the world, my daughters, my family and myself.”
Sarah Healy, Petaluma, California


Silvanna getting a hug from friend, Mike Paredes, after seeing her first elephant. Mike is also a Dazzle Africa Board Director.
“My life changed after visiting the beauty of Zambia in ways I was not expecting. I saw everything from a tiny bee to the magnificent elephant and met kind and electrifying local people of all ages. Being with Dazzle Africa sparked a wonder and thirst to educate myself on the lifestyles of children who didn’t have the luxuries I had growing up, such as eating healthy meals. Mostly, Dazzle Africa reignited my passion to save animals from unnecessary suffering by educating us about the dangers of poaching. I am forever grateful to the leaders who head Dazzle Africa for helping me fall in love with Africa so deeply that I’ve been twice!”
Silvanna Camacho, Modesto, California


“To say that my trip to Zambia was THE TRIP OF MY LIFETIME is an understatement. Stacy, Ami and the whole Dazzle Africa crew expertly put everything in place to create an exhilarating experience and permanent fond memories.

Mfuwe Lodge and the bush camp offered comfortable accommodations, delicious cuisine and a staff that became my friends and catered to a guest’s every need. Our Safari guides ensured that we realistically experienced the animals and nature of the park and tailored every drive and walk to our particular interests.

A true highlight of my trip was that Dazzle created opportunities for us to visit a secondary school and a village where we were able to meet and be with the warm and charming local people. I am proud to support Dazzle Africa and their numerous projects that are making a huge difference for the wildlife and people of Zambia.” Joe Stallings, Raleigh, North Carolina