Wildlife Veterinarian

How Dr. Sichande came to Mfuwe…

It was 2012 and 16 guests were traveling with us to the Mfuwe Lodge, check safari off their bucket lists and attend an exhilarating Yoga Safari.  A few days into our travels, during one of our safari drives, we saw a young bull elephant standing close to the road acting apprehensive…as we drove a little closer we saw that he had a snare wire wrapped tightly around his trunk. The illegal snare wire was more than likely meant to snare an antelope and then be sold on the illegal bushmeat market, but more often than not, indiscriminate snare wires catch elephants, lions, endangered wild dogs, giraffes, and other local animals.

Our guide reported the injured elephant and requested assistance, but unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone qualified in the area to tranquilize and then treat his injuries. This young bull elephant suffered in and out of our camp and died soon after of suffocation and a lion attack.

Our guests who witnessed this tragic event wanted to prevent this from happening again and a few months later, Rachel McRobb, the CEO of Conservation South Luangwa worked with us and found an outstanding veterinarian in Lusaka, Zambia who was willing to move to Mfuwe and trade in a rather quiet practice of cats and dogs for one with a bit more adventure.

Dr Sichande treating an elephant wounded by snare wire.

Dr. Sichande, 5 years later, is now an honored Wildlife Veterinarian in Zambia and between hands-on training that you can only learn in the bush and specialized professional training in surrounding countries, he is a leading expert and one of four full-time wildlife veterinarians in the Country.

Dr. Sichande, is fully employed by Conservation South Luangwa and Zambian Carnivore Programme.

The role of wildlife veterinarian is a critical position in an area of Zambia teeming with iconic wildlife. Without Dr. Sichande, hundreds of animals would suffer unspeakable deaths. In addition to treating wild animals, he also vaccinates, spays, and neuters local domestic animals, mentors students of veterinary medicine and monitors and treats Conservation South Luangwa’s Delta Dog Detection Team.

With our committed donors, we are currently raising $24,000 to fund Dr. Sichande’s employment for 2018. A recurring monthly donation would help significantly, and if you travel with us on safari, you can witness his outstanding commitment to wildlife.  Thank you! Your donation makes a tangible difference: GIVE TODAY