Grace Africa Safari


Dazzle Africa & Boldly Embody Life have created an extraordinary opportunity for women to experience the GRACE workshop followed by an adventurous and meaningful safari adventure!

June 20th – 28th, 2018


June 20th – July 2nd, 2018

  • See above but ADD 4 incredible nights at The Bushcamp Company ~ Luxury Bushcamps.
  • Price: $8,710.00*


* Price includes:

  • $1,000.00 fundraising or donation (please read more about this below under “fundraising/donation prerequisite”)
  • Roundtrip flight between Lusaka and Mfuwe
  • Gratuity/meals/excursions/lodging

* Price does NOT include international airfare, alcohol or spa.


Move your body, move your mind, dance with your soul, and feel your heart open. Reflect on your experiences, integrate what you learn, and practice how to apply it in your life.

You’ll engage in life practices on your own, with a partner, and in a group, all that ignite passion, joy, and graceful ease. It’s Cross-training for life.

Have a Grace-certified coach stand beside you while you look in the direction of your vision, practice your emotional fitness and develop your intention.

Reconnect with your divine design. Spend time in nature, take walks, tap into your creative self. You will learn several mindfulness practices to take care of the greatest asset – you. Time to contemplate, reflect and integrate.

Explore what you learn and experience throughout the weekend through writing, a practice that offers a deep opportunity for contemplation. We’ll use it to open up parts of ourselves we may never before have dared to go, all in a safe space designed for reflection.


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Thank you for considering Dazzle Africa for your safari adventure! We are dedicated to providing you with enriching experiences and authentic cultural discoveries that make every day of your journey special and unique. By choosing to travel with Dazzle Africa, you support conservation and educational programs in Mfuwe, Zambia.

Day 1 ~ Marula Lodge
June 20th

After your international flight lands, meet your fellow travelers at the Lusaka airport for a short one-hour plane ride to Mfuwe.

Take in the sights and sounds of Zambia! Meet your Grace sisters and settle in for a Zambian dinner! You may even have a sighting of an elephant while enjoying your meal!

Day 2 ~ Marula Lodge
June 21st

Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea by the river while you wake up for your first day in Zambia! Enjoy a light breakfast and head out for your first SAFARI!

After your Safari, relax, take a dip in the pool, enjoy your lunch and get ready for a day of GRACE!

Day 3 ~ Marula Lodge
June 22nd

Enjoy a light breakfast and a full day of GRACE! Lunches and dinner will be served according to our schedule, but you won’t go hungry at anytime on this trip! Today will be a day of discovering your authentic self...

Day 4 Marula Lodge
June 23rd

Take one last good look at the Luangwa River...enjoy your breakfast and savor your last day of GRACE Africa! There will be an evening safari to cap off this extraordinary retreat and a lovely dinner to end our stay at Marula Lodge.

Day 5 ~ Mfuwe Lodge
June 24th

Enjoy your morning breakfast and jaw dropping safari then return to an incredible brunch served overlooking the valley. This afternoon’s excursion will be traveling to Mfuwe Secondary School and Mambwe Village to learn more about our projects and witness village life firsthand!

Day 6 ~ Mfuwe Lodge
June 25th

You’re getting used to this now. Breakfast with the monkeys, coffee overlooking the valley...and preparing for your morning safari.

Brunch will be amazing! Afterward, take a break and then head with us to meet one of our conservation partners, Conservation South Luangwa, for a private tour of their base of operations.

Afterward, we’ll be travelling to Mulberry Mongoose, a local jewelry maker. We’ll continue our day with afternoon tea, an evening safari and a conservation presentation by Rachel McRobb, CEO of Conservation South Luangwa and Matt Becker, CEO of Zambian Carnivore Programme! And... finish with a fabulous gourmet dinner!

Day 7 ~ Mfuwe Lodge
June 26th

Breakfast and safari! After your delicious brunch, relax at the pool, partake in a spa treatment or just enjoy the incredible scenery. Afternoon tea will be served before your evening safari followed by Dazzle Africa hosted cocktail hour a gourmet meal with friends!

Day 8 ~ Mfuwe Lodge
June 27th

Now that you know the lay of the land, you choose how you would like to spend your last full day in this awe inspiring land...safari, spa, pool? A morning and evening safari will be offered! You will want to join us for special sundowners and of course an amazing dinner.

Day 9
June 28th

Try to keep your chin up while you travel back to the airport OR continue on to the Bushcamps with our 4-day extension (price info above)!

For more information or to sign up for this safari, please contact or call 702-332-1501.


Payment Schedule and Inclusions/Exclusions
Description Price
Safari Package Cost $4,990.00
Required Fundraising Minimum $1,000.00
Broken down like this:
Initial Deposit (non-refundable) $500.00
2nd Payment due July 30th, 2017 $1,498.00
3rd Payment due October 30th, 2017 $1,498.00
4th Payment due January 30th, 2018 $1,498.00
Fundraising Minimum due April 30th, 2018 $1,000.00

All monies except the non-refundable deposit and donations are refundable until March 30th, 2018. After March 30th, 2018, no monies are refundable.

*Donations are not refundable.

As noted above, prices quoted here include gratuity/meals/excursions/lodging and do NOT include alcohol or spa.


Zambia Domestic Airfare:
As noted above, the price of your Proflight Zambia airline ticket from Lusaka (LUN) to Mfuwe (MFU) is included in this packaged price.

International Airfare:
You will be purchasing your own international airline ticket. You can arrange your flights to accommodate extended travel, and use of airline miles. Once suggested flights are arranged we will send you an email with flight details.
*Please do not purchase your international ticket until you have been notified that the group minimum for this trip has been met.

Suggested Group Flight: Sent via email.

Fundraising/Donation Prerequisite

The cost of the safari to you, as described above, is $4,990.00. In addition , there is a fundraising requirement or donation of $1,000.00 or more.

If you choose to fundraise, we will provide tools to assist with you, and hope you will find the experience an inspiring one. Dazzle Africa’s mission is to partner with local organizations in Mfuwe, Zambia in order to help children of poverty and iconic African wildlife thrive. We are a philanthropic 501c3 organization and safari tourism is the soul of our success.

Joining/Logistics Information

Please contact Stacy James from Dazzle Africa immediately to review any discrepancies in your tour information, especially regarding your arrival/departure dates and times. Be sure to have your joining instructions with you while traveling. Stacy’s cell phone, if needed, is 702-332-1501 or Ami Desai’s is 303-520-0702.

Departure from Lusaka Airport to Mfuwe, Zambia
Your connecting flight to Mfuwe is approximately one hour. Please have your Lusaka/Mfuwe E-ticket with you for this Proflight Zambia flight. This will be emailed to you by May 1st, 2018.

Emergency/Late Arrival Contact Information
If your flight is delayed for any reason, please contact Stacy James at 702-332-1501 or Ami Desai at 303-520-0702. It is best to text for quickest response.

Cancellation Clause

A minimum of 12 guests is required for this trip. In the unlikely event this minimum cannot be met, all monies would be refunded by February 1st, 2018.

For more information or to sign up for this safari, please contact or call 702-332-1501.


Required Travel Documents

All travelers must have a valid passport with at least 4 empty pages and a visa to enter Zambia.

U.S. Citizens must have a valid passport that does not expire for at least 6 months after travel.

Travel Visa : We recommend ordering your Visa online using this link:

*We will walk you through the process on a conference call as well as send you additional information via email prior to finalizing your Visa application.

Your Visa is only valid for 90 days prior to travel, so please don’t order your Visa ahead of time ☺ .

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is required to participate in a Dazzle Africa Safari. Dazzle Africa is an affiliated member of an insurance broker, which proposes multiple travel insurance plans and allows you to pick the plan that best suits your needs. You do not pay more by going through Dazzle Africa.

You must purchase your insurance plan prior to your final payment if you are opting for a trip cancellation policy. Once your travel insurance plan has been purchased please print all necessary documents and bring them with you during your travels.

To purchase your insurance, please go to:

Minimum Travel Insurance Required:
Emergency Evacuation: $1,000,000.00
Primary Medical: $100,000

Depending on what you choose to cover in your insurance plan, the price will range from $50.00 dollars to $300.00 plus if you select cancellation insurance.


Travel doctors recommend a minimum of Tdap, Typhoid and Malaria pills. Please do your own research and make the best health decision for you. For further information go to


You will be visiting an area of Zambia with malaria. You will need to discuss with your doctor the best preventive medicine for you.

Ways to prevent malaria include: Taking a prescription antimalarial drug, using insect repellent and using bed nets.

All of the following antimalarial drugs are options for preventing malaria in Zambia: Atovaquone-proguanil, Doxycycline, or Mefloquine.

For information that can help you and your doctor decide which of these drugs would be best for you, please see:

Packing List

We highly recommend only carrying on your luggage and NOT CHECKING YOUR BAGS. If for some reason you choose to check your luggage and do not receive it on time in Lusaka at the beginning of your trip, you may not receive it for the entire vacation and be without any of your items for the duration of your safari.

Economy Class customers are permitted one piece of carry-on baggage, either a handbag or laptop bag, that may not exceed 22 x 15 x 8 inches (55 x 38 x 20cm) and must weigh no more than 15lb (7kg).

Hotel Information for Family and Friends

Phone numbers as shown should be preceded by the international dialing code, which from the United States is (011), international it is « 00 ». When phoning, friends should ask for you by name and explain that you are traveling with Dazzle Africa. Zambia is nine hours ahead of the Pacific Time zone in the U.S.

Most Cell phone companies have service in this area. Please contact your cell phone provider, add an International Calling plan to your service and receive information on how to use this plan.

Marula Lodge
+260 (0) 216246073

Mfuwe Lodge
Cell Phone: +260 (0)978770055
Mfuwe Lodge : +260 (0)216246041
Emergency Phone: +260 (0)978770055

Reading List

Great resources for books and interesting information on Zambia!

Printable Information Document

We've made all of the information on this page available by PDF (for easy printing) here:

For more information or to sign up for this safari, please contact or call 702-332-1501.